Welcome to the new age of AI events, built for the next stage of AI progression.

People attend conferences to educate themselves about emerging markets, people attend trade shows to implement, buy and grow. Become an exhibitor or sponsor and really connect with our 6,000+ audience. 

The AI Show promises an entirely new event experience, bringing the AI industry to life and demonstrating the all encompassing nature of AI and the wider effect it'll have on the way we live our personal and professional lives. The AI Show is not just a trade show, we are building an AI Marketplace, guarenteed to excite, inspire and enthrawl (dancing robots aside...).

Engage in meaningful conversations with decision makers looking for AI solutions, form new partnerships and grow your business. AI is now, and you are at the forefront. Underline your commitment, make a statement about your offering and help us facilitate mass AI implementation.

We’ll bring the buyers, you bring your A game!

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